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I started this site to help people find Diesel Truck Clubs and Join in on the Fun that you can do with those Clubs.

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Here is a Current List of Clubs in Texas!






Regional Clubs * Arizona Powerstroke Group www.azpsg.com * Chicagoland Midwest oil Burners www.midwestoilburners.org * Colorado Power Stroke Diesel Club www.coloradopowerstrokeclub.com President: Shay Black, cpsc@coloradopowerstrokeclub.com * Connecticut Power Stroke Diesel Club President: Jeff, jturbodiesel@sbcglobal.net * Ford Ohio Kentucky Indiana Super Duty Club (FOKISD) www.fokisd.org President: Michael constable, const@fuse.net * Houston Area Power Stroke Club (HAPS) www.houstonareapowerstrokes.com President: Brad Webster, racingwebsters@aol.com * Michigan Power Stroke Association www.michiganpowerstrokeassociation.com President: Jeff Mendoza, jmendoza@twmi.rr.com * Midatlantic Ford-Diesel Club www.midatlanticforddieselclub.com President: Scott Wexlin, info@midatlanticforddieselclub.com * Midwest Area Diesel owners Group (MADDOG) President: Richard Kuethe, fourgonefishn1@netzero.net * Northeast Power Stroke Club www.northeastpowerstrokeclub.com President: Bob Jaillet, k9szam@hotmail.com * Northern Virginia Power Stroke Club (NOVAPS) www.novaps.org President: Ton Dillon, rgdillon@novaps.com * North Texas Power Stroke Association www.northtexaspowerstrokes.com President: Kevin Neal, Kevin@norhttexaspowerstrokes.com * St. Louis Area Power Strokes (SLAPS) www.stlouisareapowerstrokes.com President: Chuck Easley, teamroper_60@hotmail.com * Southern California Power Stroke Club (SOCAPS) www.socaps.com President: Bobby Williams, bwilliams@sunrisefordfleet.com * Southern California Power Strokes www.powerstrokedieselclub.com President: Steve Brooks, steve.brooks@peckroad.com * Southern Nevada Power Strokes www.southernnevadapowerstrokes.org President: William Rengar, southernnevadapowerstrokes.org@cox.net * Southern Virginia Power Stroke Club President: Mike Hewitt, homesareus@cox.net * Tennessee, Alabama, Southern Kentucky Power Stroke Club (TASK) President: John Davis, Jjeepyjohn@aol.com